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The Fastest One

Pez vela

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The sailfish is the fastest among marine fish, reaching speeds of 30 meters per second, which is about 109 kilometers per hour. In other words, it could cross an Olympic-sized swimming pool in less than a second. It achieves this speed thanks to a powerful caudal peduncle, and it is also believed that the extension of its upper jaw helps it cleave through the water, enhancing its hydrodynamics. With its three-meter wingspan and weighing around a hundred kilograms, it is also one of the most elegant creatures in the ocean. It is often mistaken for marlins or swordfish, as they share the spectacular leaps out of the water, but they belong to different families.

Unfortunately, it is considered one of the most challenging fish to catch, as it puts up great resistance by making strong underwater runs and spectacular jumps in an attempt to free itself from the hook that pierces its jaw. The fisherman, proud of their catch, must hold the fishing line firmly to prevent the fish from escaping its intended fate as a mere trophy and a subject for photography on the dock. In 1963, catches with an average weight of 120 kg were obtained. Today, an excellent catch is considered to be one weighing around 40 kg, indicating that the fish currently being caught are juveniles and that indiscriminate fishing prevents the sailfish from reaching adulthood.

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