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And the coral shall return

Arrecife de coral

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A few nights after the full moon in November, the most fantastic spectacle ever created by life will unfold. Shortly after twilight, driven by ancient destinies, the corals of the great reefs will teem with life in a magical synchrony, releasing billions of tiny eggs into the sea. Encapsulated hope will travel, carried by ocean currents, to places where death has left its mark. They will arrive in silent masses to the locations where the enraged sea turned anger into wreckage.

They will arrive where tsunamis brought death and agony. They will arrive to sow life in the empty bowls of dead coral, painting tragedy with colors, breathing life into shadows. On the lifeless white coral, they will find refuge, establishing their presence on solid rocks carried by the tides. In each column, in each beam snatched from the shore, they will find a sanctuary. And the lost things will become theirs.

The seafloor will once again teem with colors, and with colors, life will return. Fish will play restlessly. Anemones will multiply, sponges will revive, crabs will scuttle in search of food. Dolphins will leap and sharks will be wary. Turtles, parrotfish, octopuses, and jellyfish will make a comeback. Each shipwreck will explode into rainbows of colors, like the wings of a phoenix, painful in their vibrancy. Each rock will be a gem, each sea urchin a diadem, and each star will resemble a fallen star.

And we will understand that great catastrophes are part of life. That a dark night must precede a new day. That one must die first to be reborn. That there are no Christs without Judases, no saving rains without droughts. That the land must be plowed for new things to grow. And we will understand that this has happened before, feeling the taste of a recurring cycle, of life regulating and pulsating with renewed energies.

A few nights after the full moon in November, the entire sea will burst with life, granting the planet a new opportunity, healing its wounds, restoring order to all things. A few nights after the full moon in November… only a few days remain…

“You cannot defend what you do not love, and you cannot love what you do not know.”