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From the deep blue

Pez abisal

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Size differences between males and females of the same species are almost a constant in the animal kingdom. Sometimes, that difference becomes even more noticeable.

Males of some deep-sea fish species are much smaller than females and live as parasites on them. They attach themselves to the ventral region with their jaws and feed on their blood. So, the female, like the one in the photo carrying two males, not only transports but also feeds her two comfortable husbands.

Deep-sea fish are those that live thousands of meters below the sea surface, where light does not reach and under enormous pressures. Adaptation to this strange environment has led to the development of truly incredible forms among these animals, which are usually small in size, in the case of fish, and have widely developed feeding strategies. Unfortunately, human beings know more about the surface of the moon than the depths of the sea on our planet.

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